Handy The Series

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HANDY. A Comedy Central Branded Series.

After the success of his festival darling short film, Hand Job: Portrait of a Professional Hand Model, Josh partnered with Comedy Central to bring Erik Thomas Layne’s exploits to the medium screen in a branded series called, Handy.

Consisting of 2 1/2-minute episodes broadcast on Comedy Central, Handy gives viewers a rare, behind-the-scenes comedic look into the grueling, high-stress world of professional hand modeling, as Erik applies his ‘art’ on the set of a shoot for a different participating brand.

Ten episodes in, brand partners have included Corona, Kit Kat, Pringles, Burger King, Zales Diamonds, Sabra Hummus and Joe’s Crab Shack, among others.

Handy On - Air Promos

New Episodes

Episode 9. “Three Hands”

Episode 10. “Two Hands from Stardom”

Created by Josh Miller

Starring Erich Lane, as Erik Thomas Layne

Recent Episodes

Episode 1. ``Peaches & Cream``

Episode 3. ``Erik Gets Crabs``

Episode 5. ``Hand of Humanity``

Episode 7. “Kat Burglar”

Episode 2. ``Bahia``

Episode 4. “Lord of the Ring”

Episode 6. ``Blinded by the Lime``

Episode 8. “Erik Gets The Jitters”

The People


Josh Miller

Josh Miller is a commercial and content writer/director who leverages his years as an award-winning copywriter/creative director and a lifelong passion for film and photography to tell comedic, entertaining human-driven narratives. He graduated from The University of Oregon with a degree in Journalism, then landed his first job in Advertising in NYC by sneaking rolls of toilet paper into the bathroom stalls of Kirshenbaum Bond that read: “Josh Miller. A Copywriter Who’s Willing to Start at the Bottom”. They took him literally. His first business card read: “Copywriter / Chauffeur”. Josh went on to create renown campaigns for some of the best brands at the best agencies on both coasts, before turning to directing full time with RSA Films and B-Reel. Josh is widely recognized for his commercials, videos, and shorts films. In addition to Handy, based off his festival darling short film, Hand Job, Josh is developing another series with Comedy Central, as well as a feature, a short, and an unscripted TV project with Thom Beers’ new company, BoBCat. Josh is currently represented for commercials by LA and NY-based production company, Spears & Arrows.


Erich Lane

Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Erich spent the majority of his life in Houston. While there, he attended The High School for the Performing and Visual Arts where he studied theater/acting. He then got a BA from UCLA’s theater, film and television department. Erich has been acting since the age of 5 in various films, television, and commercial projects. As a child actor, Erich’s work on the television show “America’s Most Wanted” helped capture parents who murdered their son. More recently, Erich got to work on the HBO show “Enlightened” opposite Laura Dern. Erich has studied both writing and improv at The Groundlings, and also wrote the lyrics to the viral song parody “Bat Romance.” Yes, Erich is an actual hand model.


Contact: Josh Miller Josh@humongous.tv Beth Trentacoste beth.trentacoste@viacom.com

Handy, the series, is based on the festival darling short film, Hand Job: Portrait of a Male Hand Model.

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